"We produce metal-mechanical parts for your company"

Our Quality politics

"Generate metal-metalic products according to our client’s and stakeholder’s expectations, supported by our quality system and the continues improvement of our processes, quality goals achievements, and legal requirements."

Our Values:





Established in 1981 as a Mexican and private company to fabricate metallic parts by cutting, bending, welding and stamping process.

SELBOR provides the services of design, and manufacturing of sheet metal fabrication and enclosures based in specific needs, from the appliances, electrical, electronic. 

Industrias Selbor is located in the center of the country in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. This location gives access to the 70% of the country population within 400 miles range. The building owned has 86,000 square feet and 78 employees on a very lean organization Including production, administration and Engineering personal. 

Quality Objective:

  • Ensure 100% of  legal requirements

  • Accomplished and implemented projects  greater than 90%.

  • PPMs less than or equal to 250 PPM's.

  • Zero accidents with disabilities.


To develop and provide quality products and services that contribute to the growth of our company and customers based on serious and professional strategic alliances. 


 To be one of the best options in the region to offer integral quality in our products and services, based on productive process, growth of our personnel and the long term relation with our clients. 

Eje 126. Zona Industrial

San Luis Potosi 



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